MAIS Hospitality

With a comprehensive solution suite MAIS Hospitality can address various business demands and organisation models as well as business challenges resulting from dynamic market environment. Whether you operate a single-location property or an international hotel chain MAIS Hospitality Suite will meet all your unique needs.

Multichannel Management

What an advantage to enable last available room sale in real-time with no over-booking risks! With our multi channel management system you can offer your entire quota on all sales channels and dynamically manage the best price to sell them at.

At Your Service

Provide excellent service with »At Your Service« Hospitality Workflow. »At Your Service« Hospitality Workflow combines several modules into cost-effective business practice which maximize efficiency, revenues and guest satisfaction.

Your Front Office Management Online

Online Front Office System delivers all the hotel management system you need for your hotel over the internet – as a reliable and affordable service. It integrates all major operations of your hotel in one place and combines hotel reception system, booking system and global distribution.

Guest Relationship Management

»Are your hotel departments fully integrated? Based on two-way communication between module programs (package reservations, guest history, visual hotel credit…) you can build a strong guest relation management.«

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MAIS Systems is premier provider of professional business solutions for the hospitality & healthcare industry. Our team consists of hotel management specialists and consultants with more than 20 years of world-wide experience in hospitality business as well as in depth technology know-how. We are dedicated to provide our customers with innovative solutions that contribute to their business success. Find out more.


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  • Wide range of hospitality applications & services
  • Effective problem solving
  • Modular & scalable solutions
  • Expertise at fair price
  • Client-oriented philosophy
  • Advanced & easy to use technology


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